Wellbeing Project Experiences

Client Voices

“I have thoroughly enjoyed and gained by my sessions working with Jenna.  The initial face to face sessions provided an opportunity to get to know her a bit and to build an initial working relationship.  This then became the basis for being able to converse during the lockdown telephone sessions.  Jenna has always been both professional and approachable meaning I felt I could trust her with different issues and therefore get more from the sessions.  During lockdown Jenna provided an essential weekly connection to the outside world and gave me something to look forward to each week.  As things changed and I was able to get out and about Jenna encouraged me to move forward and to begin to get out of my flat.  In doing this I was able to improve my situation and my mood and not just look at 4 walls each day.  Jenna helped by providing (jointly discussed and agreed) steps for moving forward and as time progressed so I was able to achieve more in gaining my desired outcomes and goals.  Jenna’s help, support and input has been greatly appreciated and valued and I know I am in a much better frame of mind due to working with her than I would have otherwise been.  

Moving forward, I now intend to start attending other Assert events which will further enhance and impact upon the achieving of my goals and outcomes.  I know that Jenna and indeed Assert as an organisation are there for me if I need them for further support and assistance. “

– G.P. 

Moving forward, I now intend to start attending other Assert events which will further enhance and impact upon the achieving of my goals and outcomes. 

“I didn’t know what to expect when I first got offered these support sessions with Jenna and it has been truly amazing to have her support, it became clear from the very beginning that she is an expert in her field and very good at her job. Every single interaction was clear, well informed and delivered beautifully. I felt heard, seen and totally valued and validated. I felt very comfortable with Jenna – she is a lovely warm welcoming lady who keeps clear professional boundaries and showed me complete respect every step of the way. I went from being terrified of and totally dreading my diagnostic assessment to ready for it, even if that meant that the end result turned out to be negative. I am delighted to say that on September the 11th after 2 other attempts and 5 years of waiting, after a lifetime (that’s 61 years) of being autistic and after going solo to a part video link part phone call assessment of 2 hours and 20 minutes I have finally been formally diagnosed with ASD. I am eternally thankful to Jenna for her part in supporting me to get me there and to ASSERT for providing me with the opportunity to work with her.”

– Mary Murphy

“I was able to engage in honest and open conversation with Jenna without worrying about judgement. I enjoyed the time I spoke with her, almost to the point where it was something to look forward to break up my routine. I appreciated Jenna’s open mindedness and found her to be very charming, she always made me feel like It was safe to talk to her. Problems I’m facing currently are somewhat insurmountable so it’s unreasonable to assume a phone call once a week can help them, but Jenna still tried to offer some guidance and advice where she could, for which I’m very grateful. I was invited to come to sessions run by Jenna which made me feel welcome. All in all I had a very positive experience speaking to Jenna.”

– Anonymous