Remote Support

Our office is closed. But staff are still here for you to offer support. Telephone support for general enquiries until further notice is generally as follows:

Jenna on Mondays – 07564918149

Maria on Tuesdays –07734817656 Maria is on leave for 3 weeks and has cover on the following dates in July.

14th July Alex, 21st Sarah and 28th Jenna

Sarah on Wednesdays – 07376288438 (voicemail cannot be accessed) Please email if not available– Alex is covering on Wednesday 8th July and Julia is covering on Wednesday 15th July due to annual leave

Alex on Thursdays- 07564918133

Julia on Fridays – 07879567881

Nicola Jones not currently available– 07902810415

Sue Burchett not currently available – 07950277420

If your question relates to a specific area of our services and support please, email or call the relevant member of staff. Please note that if not on the rota, staff may not be able to answer calls due to that not being a working day,  illness or being on leave. Email is often the best way to contact us.

If you have any ideas for how we can support you remotely, please get in touch. We want to hear from you and would really appreciate any suggestions and ideas that you have.