Odyssey – an Atypical Journey Photos


Please follow the below link to see the amazing photos taken by some very talented ASSERT members as part of our Fringe Exhibition.

Visit the Flickr page here

The show was a brilliant success with fantastic feedback and reviews from all who attended. We were lucky enough to have the newly appointed Mayor and Mayoress of Brighton and Hove join us.

Here is their review:

‘’A truly fascinating way of viewing differing perspectives of life and also of a city we love’’.

Brian and Norah Fitch-Mayor and Mayoress of  Brighton and Hove

‘’For me, the project was very satisfying, both as a way of developing a new skill and interest, and as a way of working as a team with others in ASSERT. I was proud with what we produced as a group, and having expert help through every stage was very important for achieving this. The project encouraged me to think about how I can portray something of my worldview to a wider audience, and it was pleasing to have positive feedback from people who seemed to enjoy the photographs. Watching people browsing the photos in the exhibition, I had a sense that they were really trying to engage with what we, the photographers, wanted to show. Text explanations given with each photograp should have helped this too, as did the clever way that the photos were displayed.

As a result of the project, I’ve developed a fresh interest in a hobby that combines both technical interest with creativity, and had an opportunity to reflect on how I see the world, as well as how others do too.’’

Member review by Clive Johnson.