Job opportunity at Assert. We are looking for a Strategic Development Manager

Full Job Description

Job Title: Strategic Development Manager

Location: Community Base, Brighton (or hybrid working by negotiation)

Hours: Part-time, 21 hours per week to be worked flexibly

(occasional evening/week-end work for which TOIL may be taken)

Salary: £20,400.00 per year

Ability to commute/relocate:

  • Brighton: reliably commute or plan to relocate before starting work (required)

Application question(s):

  • Fundraising, development and management experience

Application deadline: 29/05/2023

Accountable to: ASSERT Trustees

Purpose of Job:

To work with the trustees of Assert to ensure the appropriate resources are in place to enable the sustainable provision of high quality support services for autistic adults that facilitate independent living and personal empowerment.

1. Areas of Responsibility:

To work with the trustees of Assert to ensure that the charity achieves its objectives efficiently and effectively, and complies with its statutory and legal obligations.

To maximise resources, through planning and implementation of effective fundraising and income generation strategies, and the efficient and prudent management of the organisation’s resources.

To lead on grant applications and fundraising.

To work with our book keeper and accountant to ensure we are tracking income and expenditure and working within required budgets.

To take a lead in setting a clear direction for the future, working with the trustees & staff to continue with implementation of an organisational business plan. Ensuring sustainability and maintaining services are key.

Researching business opportunities and income generation for the organisation and implementing new operations and projects that support independent income generation.

Leading the Sustainable Development Focus Group and working with members to research possible opportunities, consulting widely for ideas with stakeholders and jointly generating project plans and ensuring that the correct new legal status is secured for income generating activities.

To ensure that Assert manages and builds new external relationships and communications in a way that promotes the welfare of autistic adults

To enable Assert to achieve its commitment to equality of opportunity, providing good quality services, involving autistic adults in all aspects of its work

To manage current and build suitable new working partnerships and ensure that Assert are involved with the local autism networks and pathways

To support the Operations Manager with any required operational matters.

The duties set out in this Job Description are to be carried out in accordance with the Staff Handbook.

2. Specific tasks

a) Working with the Board of Trustees

  • To support the Board of Trustees in their role and responsibilities and to ensure that they operate in accordance with the Articles of Association, general good practice and any legal requirements relating to the management of Assert
  • To ensure that the Trustees receive relevant and appropriate advice, information and recommendations on strategy, service activity and development; financial management; human resources issues and external issues and their impact on the organisation and service users.
  • To support with reviewing and development of governance and implementing any new processes to ensure best practice. b) Financial and Resource Management
  • To be responsible for the overall financial health of the organisation and ensure that expenditure is controlled in line with budgets as approved by the Board.
  • To ensure the organisation has the resources (human, financial and material) to operate as effectively as possible.
  • To secure and manage income from a wide variety of sources, ensuring that funding conditions and requirements are met.
  • Writing grant applications and planning ahead to avoid gaps in funding for services
  • To ensure that financial management and record keeping across the organisation is in line with the organisation’s Financial Guidelines, legal requirements and general good practice.
  • Where required, to assist the Operations Manager to oversee the management of premises, equipment and other assets
  • To provide funding and financial management reports for the Trustees when required

b) Service Development and Planning

  • To ensure that Assert services are planned and developed in line with local need, reflect developments in social policy (e.g. welfare reform, employment, health & social care), in particular with respect to benefits and employment related issues.
  • To work with the Operations Manager to ensure that Assert services have clear outcomes, are resourced appropriately, include user involvement and are reviewed/monitored on a regular basis and to a required standards
  • To manage the strategic planning and service development planning
  • To research and develop an income generating arm of the charity that supports with securing sustainable and independent income of 20% over 5 years.
  • To ensure that service development is in accordance with the aims, values and beliefs of the organisation.
  • To build corporate relationships and partnerships have mutually agreeable benefits d) Management and Personnel
  • To support the Operations Manager where needed to provide leadership to the Assert team.
  • To support the Operations Manager to ensure that Assert has an organisational structure, appropriate policies & procedures and a management style that fits its aims and objectives; that promotes co- operation, a supportive environment, and opportunities for development; and secures commitment across the organisation.
  • To ensure the organisation discharges its constitutional and legal obligations.
  • To work with the OM to ensure systems are in place to monitor and evaluate the work of the organisation against agreed aims and the expectations of funders e) Communication
  • To foster good communications throughout the organisation and with relevant external agencies and funders.
  • To represent Assert at appropriate strategy & liaison meetings, events, conferences, VCO forums etc and ensure that the issues that impact on clients are raised appropriately.
  • To be responsible for the organisation’s communications including contact with the media.
  • To educate and raise awareness amongst the wider public in all matters relating to autism.
  • To ensure the website and social media platforms are managed, up dated on a regular basis and maintained appropriately.

3. Organisational responsibilities

  • To contribute to the purpose and strategic aims of Assert.
  • To contribute to the welfare and wellbeing of staff, volunteers and the members.
  • To uphold the commitment of Assert to the provision of equal opportunities in all aspects of its work.
  • To take part in meetings, discussions, training and working groups as appropriate.
  • To perform other duties as may reasonably be allocated by the Board from time to time.

4. Variation Clause

Assert reserves the right, following full and reasonable consultations with the post holder and with her/his Trade Unions or other representatives, to vary, add to or alter any of the terms and conditions of employment attaching to the post of SDM.

Further information on the R&D business aspect of the role (within section C- Service Development and Planning)

Assert are seeking to identify ways that can support us to be more financially independent in the longer term. The vast majority of our current funding comes from grants and contracts and we want to diversify our income sources, so that we can be more robust and more independently financially sustainable.

To help us do this we want to establish a focus group of 3-4 clients who will work closely with the Strategic Development Manager. The group would support the needed exploration, research, planning and implementation to help support with diversifying funds.

We are planning to have a wide consultation early in 2022 to get ideas and suggestions from clients and other stakeholders at Assert. We will also begin to explore what others are doing to raise income independently and what lessons they have learnt as part of their journey. Investigating both establishing a business element to Assert and increasing corporate support and partnerships will both be essential within this aspect of the role.

We will use all the information gathered to inform possible options for establishing a new company element to Assert, potentially a CIC. Establishing a company that has a 2 fold benefit:

  • to generate a sustainable income source for Assert
  • to give supportive, well-structured and empowering employment opportunities

Following on from the development work being completed we would aim to generate 20% of our current annual income independently within 5 years

Application deadline: 29/05/2023

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