Gunny’s Journey- From Assert’s support to supporting Assert

Hello all,

My name’s Gunny, I have been in contact with Assert for a few months now. First of all, as I’m sure you can relate,  I’d like to thank Assert for their help and support who have helped me more than I could explain. I have no idea where I’d be if I hadn’t had their support.

Because of how grateful I am to them I’ve offered my services in any possible way to give something back. I have designed a few charts and visual guides that helped me express myself and complete Assert “homework”. They will be available to all of you in the hopes they prove helpful to some of you too.

Expressing myself isn’t always easy for me (again I’m sure many can relate) so I require certain visual aids that I use, and to find out they can help others is great!

I think it’s important to find as many ways to express ourselves as possible especially, if like me, people can struggle to understand you.

I’ve also been making music which has been a great help to me mentally. It’s mostly for me. But if you’d like to check some out, feel free ?

Most of my work is instrumental and can be quite different as each track I try to express specific emotions that I don’t always know how to explain.

Stay safe and happy holidays!

(links to my youtube and facebook page are there too)

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