Become an Assert Champion

Become an Assert Champion with monthly giving to Assert

Your monthly donation to Assert will help to change lives and support Autistic people locally. A monthly gift is a fantastic way to support Assert as it enables us to have the confidence to plan for the future of our services.

Assert are excited to have recently launched our Assert Champions Scheme. We hope to encourage service users, members and supporters of Assert to help us maintain our services in the future and sign up to become an Assert Champion. 

What does becoming an Assert Champion mean?

Being an Assert Champion is a huge support to us and it helps us to maintain services and plan for the future. Accessing funding is more and more demanding for smaller charities who do not have the capacity to have dedicated fundraisers.

In 2019-2020, just 2.47% of our income came from individual donations (and the majority of this came from a single donor). The graph below shows where we sourced our funding from in 2019-2020.  

BHCC/CCG           £21,134
Grants                  £141,261
Other Contracts             £24,490
Individual giving/ donations        £4704
Other income    £295
Income sources for 2019-2020

As accessing funding from local government and trusts becomes more and more difficult, we need your help to support with fundraising and increase the amount we receive from donations. Assert has managed to maintain all of its services free of charge and we will endeavour to maintain this as we pride ourselves on being accessible to all. 

5% of the biggest national charities receive 85% of funding for all registered charities. Supporting grassroots, local charities has never been more essential. As services get cut, there is more and more need for Assert and the services that we provide.

There are many ways you could support Assert with fundraising.  Examples of one off ways to support Assert include: organising a fundraising event, being sponsored for an activity or event and legacy giving (leaving a donation to Assert in your will). There are also online fundraising tools such as ‘Give as you live’ and Amazon Prime. 

But getting monthly or annual donations at Assert really helps us in planning for and securing our projects going forward. This is why is we are launching Assert Champions (AC).

Assert have a vision to achieve 25% of our income from individual giving in the future. 

We are asking if people would consider signing up to monthly giving, setting up a standing order each month to Assert or by donating any amount as a one-off donation. 

Monthly giving can be set up from as little as £3 per month. If just 50% of people that are registered with Assert donated this each month we would be able to generate £30,528  to our income each year. This would have a huge impact on the sustainability of Assert and our services.

To become an AC we ask that people sign up to monthly giving from as little as £3 a month or make an annual donation of at least £30. You can give more if you wish. It’s simple to donate by setting up a standing order or regular payment through PayPal. One off donations can also be made by the Donate tab on our website, via PayPal, BACS or cheque. 

If you are a UK tax payer, we can also claim an additional 25% Gift Aid on your donation, meaning an even larger donation to Assert can be achieved. 

Knowing that we have these additional and regular income avenues means that Assert can be more secure in its longevity and possibilities to extend services. 

As an AC you receive:

  • Assert Champion welcome letter, pen and loop keyring
  • Invitation to the annual Assert Champion coffee morning. The Breakfast of Assert Champions!

If you are interested in becoming an Assert Champion and supporting our work and services in future please get in touch. We would hugely appreciate your support in helping Assert to maintain its services. 

For a registration pack, please contact call 01273 234853. 

£2Supports Assert to answer more telephone and email enquiries
£5Enables someone to take place on an Assert activity
£10Supports Assert to offer more appointments and provide advice and
£50Enables Assert to facilitate our monthly drop in service. This is
regularly attended by 30-40 people
£100Enables us to run 2 yoga and relaxation sessions either in person or remotely
£1000This would pay for the annual day trip for up to 25 people
How your money helps to provide services

You can download a standing order form below to set up regular donations.

Liam and Julia with our Assert Champion pens and key-rings!

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