Our current services are now a blend of remote and in-person support

As remote working continues to some extent, Assert are still here for you and are still providing a range of support services. If you have any suggestions for other ways we may be able to support you, please get in touch. Please see below for each of our services overview.

Assert are still providing some of our services remotely. If you cannot access remote support and require an in person meeting, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your request. We can now offer some in person support where needed and some of our groups and social sessions are operating in person. Its great to be back and as restrictions ease, we will seek to offer more support in person.

As soon as we can, we will return to normal services and delivery.

For information about the best member of staff to contact regarding your enquiry and for specific contact details please see https://assertbh.org.uk/remote-support/

Registering with Assert

Registrations are currently on-hold

Unfortunately, due to staff shortages our waiting list is currently closed until the Spring of 2022. We apologise for this delay. We are doing all we can to meet the demands for our services and support. Please check for up-dates on the Assert website for when registrations can reopen. If you require support from either the Wellbeing Project, Benefits Service or Life Skills Project, please contact the named worker directly. As they may be able to support you directly.

Benefits Advice Service

The Assert Benefits Service is providing full support remotely and more limited in person support for people who need it. Appointments are available via email, phone, zoom, skype and in person in the Assert meeting room. We can support you with benefits advice, guidance and advocacy for new claims, existing claims, reviews and appeals. 

At this time, the Benefits Service is also offering 121 sessions on budgeting and money management. 
Please get in touch with Alex by phone on 07564918133 or email benefits@assertbh.org.uk with any questions or to book an appointment

Assert activities that are running from June 2021 (but subject to change)

. Peer Discussion group:  In-person and remote. 1st Tuesday remote, 3rd Tuesday in-person. 1st in-person scheduled in August.

· Coffee club (Every other Wednesday) Coffee Club is now alternating in-person and remote delivery, 2ndWednesday remote, 4th Wednesday in-person

· Active club and walks: have now fully resumed.

· Monthly get together: Currently paused.  

· Parents Partners and Carers group: We are now meeting in-person from 7.00pm on the 4th Tuesday of the month at a Brighton pub jenna@assertbh.org.uk

Peer Discussion Group

The Assert Peer Discussion Group continues to operate through Zoom and is due to start also offering sessions in person. The group has gone from a monthly meeting within Community Base, to fortnightly meetings. Jenna and Debbie continue to facilitate these sessions, where we discuss many interesting topics, so do look out for the weekly flyers, usually circulated on Tuesdays, letting you know the coming week’s chosen topic. 

In-person and remote delivery. 1st Tuesday remote, 3rd Tuesday in-person. 1st in-person scheduled in August.

For any further information, please contact me at Jenna at jenna@assertbh.org.uk

Wellbeing Club

Jenna continues to offer her package of support sessions that consist of up to 7 hours of dedicated support on topics that you have indicated would help to increase your wellbeing. Please get in touch with Jenna for more information on accessing Wellbeing Support Sessions. 

Coffee Club – Coffee Club is now alternating in-person and remote delivery, 2ndWednesday remote, 4th Wednesday in-person

Active Club – has resumed in person. Active Club will meet on the 1st & 3rd Friday at 2pm. 

If you having any questions about the Wellbeing Support Sessions or are interested in signing-up to the ‘Wellbeing Club email group’ for updates on activities, please email jenna@assertbh.org.uk or call Jenna on 075649-18149

Parents, Partners and Carers Group

PDG is now up and running once again and we are really pleased to be back.  We are now meeting in-person from 7.00pm on the 4th Tuesday of the month at a Brighton pub.

If you would like to connect, we would welcome hearing from you. Please do contact Jenna at jenna@assertbh.org.uk

Assert courses

Courses- Registered members can sign up for our Courses (some courses may only be able to be offered to residents of Brighton and Hove due to funding constraints).

Three short courses (1 hour each, 1:1 basis) - Self- Management,Resilience and Interoception.  These are a chance to explore practical strategies to manage stress, energy levels and resilience. These short courses can also be useful to develop and strengthen skills needed for the longer and more in depth courses Assert offers. 

Exploring Autism is a 7 week course designed to help adults who have been newly or recently diagnosed with high functioning autism to come to terms and understand their diagnosis. 

Life Skills courses are 10 weeks long. A practical teaching approach on Independent living and Communication Skills. For more info about these email Julia on  lifeskills@assertbh.org.uk. Tel- 07879567881 

This service is being offered on Zoom and in person. Please get in touch to discuss your individual support needs. 

Assert walking group

This is a walking group for our clients where up to 15 people can normally attend. It is at different location in or around Brighton each time. The walks vary from short (90 mins) and quite easy, to longer (3-4 hours) walks that can be a bit more strenuous. There is usually a stop at a café or pub for a drink. It takes place on the third Saturday of the month and is usually in the afternoon. Contact Julia on  lifeskills@assertbh.org.uk. Tel- 07879567881 

Up to 5 people can attend the mid- week walk, this is a more central and shorter walk. The walks have now resumed fully.


The monthly and longer weekend walk takes place on the 3rd Saturday of each month. 

Volunteer and core Assert social activities


With the charity operating under government guidelines, the monthly drop in and activity are currently suspended. 

Remote Support

Assert’s telephone support ‘Buddy’ scheme is operational with clients receiving and gaining the benefits of a weekly telephone or online video call with a volunteer during these socially isolated times. We have had to put on hold matching new clients wanting to join the scheme (June 2021). But if you would like to register your interest to join the scheme in the future, please email: activities@assertbh.org.uk. We hope to have this scheme open again in the late summer of 2021.


Please note we are currently not taking on new volunteers at this time (up-dated June 21). If you would like to register your interest in volunteering with us, we would love to hear from you. Currently, we have volunteers who are supporting clients remotely every week and who also join in with the monthly walks and Coffee Club. Please email activities@assertbh.org.ukif you are interested in volunteering and would like to join our team when we recruit volunteers again.

Monthly Get Together 

Assert’s Informal evening with games is currently on hold due to staff shortages.

Support with using video calling- A Guide to emotional security on video calls