Commemorating one year to the lockdown

Poem #1

There’s no concrete plan
But lets all do what we can

Send a text, make a call
Show those you love that we
Can rise above it all

Try and be strong
For the days will be long

Lets wrap each other in thoughts with love
Turn to the sky and look out for the dove

All when day turns to night
Keep an eye on the stars
For that glimmer of light

Poem #2

But we wish we could go
Back a year

Navigating the hustle and bustle of life
Not realising the strife on its way

Solid lockdown turning into mental shutdown
Realising how special and snug it is just to be able to hug

Wish we could go back a year
Not so much angst even going for a beer

Little things we took for granted
We now look at and become enchanted

How could we of known?
But the seeds of learning how now been sown

Uncertainty and questions are clear

And how we wish we could go
Back a year
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