Assert Well-being Club

Assert have a new project called the Well-being Club. This new service is part of the Community Roots Partnership and will deliver four brand new areas of support.

Coffee Club – This takes place once a fortnight in the afternoon at the Brighthelm Centre café.

Active Club– So we can get out and do some physical exercise! Jenna will be partaking too and wants to reassure people that you do not need to be mega fit and so please don’t feel embarrassed! This will be a good opportunity to have some fun and hopefully try something new… The first few months’ activities are planned and then we are very open to suggestions for future sessions. This will take place monthly and people must book onto this and have a place confirmed via email to attend.

Support Sessions Club – During the sessions you will work with Jenna to break down either an aspiration you’d like to achieve or an issue you’re experiencing that you might need some extra support, advice or advocacy with in order to achieve your goal. Everyone will have up to 7 hours available to them which can be spread over 7 consecutive weeks, two chunks of 3 and 4 hours, or even over the year – it’s UP TO YOU and we’ll work something out together depending on your needs.

Community Engagement – We will be working in close partnership with other key providers in Brighton & Hove to ensure integrated pathways for people when accessing support.

If you’re interested in either the Coffee Club, Active Club or the Support Sessions, please contact or ring 01273 234850

Remote delivery support for the
Well-being Club

Active Club  

To continue the Active Club and to encourage regular exercise during this time, Jenna has adapted the monthly activity to a weekly online exercise videos for us all to try at home. Although we are all restricted with space, we need to find physical activities that would be practical to do while at home. It is also important during this time to maintain a feeling of doing an activity as a community. If registered for Assert’s mailing list, you will receive an email with a link each Friday morning in time for us all to join in together at 3pm that afternoon!  

Support Sessions  

Jenna is continuing to provide Support Sessions using either the telephone, Skype or Zoom. Over two months, Jenna will provide each person with seven hours of one-to-one sessions to encourage and support members to either achieve a personal goal or to overcome an issue. Some of the topics Jenna is offering support around include publishing a book, renovating a garage and maintaining a routine.  

Coffee Club 

After investigating how to best organise a virtual social club, Jenna has begun to facilitate her Coffee Club via Zoom! The regulars who attend the club have been invited to join initially. Upon arriving at the club, separate & smaller ‘rooms’ are available for members to enter. This means that members can have smaller conversations with each other, just like sitting at a table in a cafe.  

Well-being Pack 

Since lockdown began, Jenna has been curating a weekly Well-being pack which consists of lots of ideas for activities and useful resources that aim to provide ideas and inspiration about how to spend our time during this strange and unprecedented time. The pack is divided into areas of interest; exercise, course, culture, community resources, mental health & creative ideas. A new pack goes out via our mailing list and is also posted on our website and Facebook page. The pack includes a comprehensive description of each service Assert is providing that week and in the near future. 

Lightning Talks 

Jenna has started a webinar series in collaboration with ADHA Aware. Jenna has invited our people to create their own 5-15 minutes video about a subject they have a special interest in. These videos will then be uploaded to the YouTube channel. The channel aims to be a source of education & entertainment for everyone in the neurodiverse community.