Neurodiversity Project

Since March 2019, Assert have been working in partnership with ADHD Aware on the Neurodiversity Project.

ADHD Aware provide a range of neurodiverse peer support groups for Brighton, Hove & beyond.

ADHD Aware is a small organisation based in Brighton which has been run by volunteers for the last 9 years, supporting adults living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). With their new website, they aim to offer support for adult ADHD both locally and nationally.

They hold three sessions each month: an unstructured Peer Support Group Drop-In;  an ADHD Discussion Group (on a booking only basis); and a Family, Friends & Partners support group, which is also a drop-in.

They organise drop-in support groups so that everyone can relax in the company of people who understand one-another. They share information and ideas with the chance to speak confidentially. The facilitated discussion groups are an opportunity for their members to come together and share information, advice and personal experiences around an agreed topic, with the potential to tackle some of the core issues of living with ADHD. You can read more about ADHD Aware by visiting their website.

This partnership funds the Assert Alternative Thursdays Activity Project and Assert and ADHD Aware are working closely to support one another and our neurodiverse beneficiaries. The Neurodiversity Partnership is funded by Brighton and Hove City Council.