How to access a diagnostic assessment for Autism

Diagnostic Pathway

This is the NHS diagnostic pathway for Autism for adults in Brighton and Hove.

If you suspect that you might have an Autism Spectrum Condition you should first go to your GP and discuss the traits and characteristics that you experience that you feel may relate to the condition. If the GP feels that an Autism Spectrum Condition is possible they will make a referral to the Neurodevelopmental Team at Brighton General Hospital. This referral can take between 18 months-2 years (waiting times do fluctuate, but have recently been around 2 years) In the meantime, they will send you a questionnaire that asks about many different aspects of life and they will ask you to complete that and take it to the assessment with you. The assessment will usually last half to a full day. Here, they will complete an in-depth assessment with you that will include further questionnaires, an interview, and ask that you bring a parent, career, or someone that has known you for a long time to ask them about you. They may ask you to come back in for a follow up appointment. From this information they gather about you, they will give you a detail report and their results of the assessment.

For more information about the Neurodevelopmental Service, please see