Assert Short Courses

Our short courses last for 1.5 hours and learning materials are provided prior to and after the session.


One-hour course on a 1:1 basis, exploring two practical strategies which can be useful to help manage stress levels (‘Spoon Theory’) and energy levels (‘Tap and Glass Stress Model’). 


One-hour course on a 1:1 basis to explore the Resilience Model. By breaking down the concept of resilience into smaller domains, we’ll explore the individual’s strengths and challenges in each area.  Clients will then choose the areas which they want to focus on and together we’ll work on putting into practice a selection of strategies. 


This sense helps us feel and understand what’s going on inside our body. It also allows us to feel emotions. A one-hour course on a 1:1 basis to find out more about how this sense works and explore strategies to increase interoceptive awareness.

For more detailed information on sessions in this course please download our information leaflet. If you have any questions, please email

Recent feedback from students who have completed our short courses

“The little steps taught in short courses can sometimes make a massive positive change.”

“Seeing how resilience can be broken down into different areas and seeing the areas I’m already ok with and what I need to work on.”

“Having a space to bounce ideas in a structured way.”

“Learning the link between stress and energy levels, plus recognising the need for energy producing/stress relieving activities in my day to day.”

“The Self-Management course was really helpful because it gave me a lot of solutions to my routine problems. Julia, the facilitator, is very clear and engaging.”