Assert Autism Awareness Training

Assert (B&H) are a grassroots registered charity who are able to provide specialist training on High-Functioning Autism (HFA) and Asperger syndrome (AS) in Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas.

Assert’s Autism Spectrum Condition Training aims to provide people and organisations with a better understanding and awareness of the condition. Participants are given a user-friendly insight into how adults with autism experience the modern world. It is set at a base level for people just beginning to explore, or with a basic knowledge of Autism.  We predominantly look at this from a High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome perspective, though do look across the spectrum. We cover definitions and terms; the traits and characteristics; strengths and difficulties of the condition; and practical support. In this three to four hour session we provide the tools and resources for people to further explore the condition themselves. The training is put together based on scientific research and input from our autistic clients and trustees. Our sessions are presented clearly and with passion.

Assert is a user-led charity and as such, much of our training has been developed by individuals on the autistic spectrum. We are proud to challenge media stereotypes and highlight the positives of embracing neuro-diversity.

Recent feedback on the training:

‘Just wanted to say thanks for the training. Very informative and easy to understand, everybody working in services should receive this training.’

‘The presenters were great. Very comfortable and personable. Excellent knowledge and relayed this clearly.’

‘Clearly presented in a passionate way.’

‘Lively, interesting and engaging.’


This is based on up to 10 people attending per 3 hour session

Small Community groups or charities with an annual turnover of less than £200,000 or with fewer than 10 paid staff.                 £150.00

Small Community groups or charities with an annual turnover of more than £200,000, and ten or more employed staff.  £250

Other organisations such as: local authority, housing associations, other statutory sector. £300

Private businesses. £400

We can also provide more in-depth training and tailor training to specific needs. Please get in touch for more information.