Assert Services

Assert provides the following services

  • One to one support, advice and advocacy
  • Benefits advice and support
  • Monthly drop in for autistic adults
  • Monthly mutual support group for parents, partners and carers of autistic people
  • One to one support for parents, partners and carers of autistic people
  • 3 social events and activities for autistic people each month
  • Coffee Club
  • Resource Library
  • Monthly Peer Discussion Group
  • Monthly Physical activities
  • Support for people with autism in accessing volunteering opportunities with other charities and community groups
  • Two Life Skills courses
  • Mentoring
  • Exploring Autism Course
  • One-to-one sessions on Resilience and Self Management
  • A monthly well-being walking group
  • Training for organisations on Autism Awareness
  • Training and ongoing support for volunteers

Other services of Assert

Assert can provide information and advice to services and organisations that work with people with autism.

Assert can provide training to other professionals wanting to increase their knowledge of working with people with autism. Please get in touch for more information.

Assert can support other not-for-profit organisations wanting to recruit new volunteers by using our matching service and placing our members with your group as a volunteer.

Assert promotes, encourages and supports good practice in working with people with autism.

Assert also participates in campaigning and lobbying for Autism rights.