About Assert

History of Assert

Assert (B&H) was founded in 2002 and became a registered charity in 2003. We are a small local charity in Brighton and Hove that supports both people with autism and their parents, partners and carers. In 2006 we received the Argus Charity of the Year award and in 2010 received the Queens Golden Jubilee Award for voluntary services by groups in the community.

Assert was founded by a group of three mothers whose adult children had Asperger Syndrome and found support through one another.

Providing support to autistic adults and their parents, partners or carers

Supporting autistic adults and their parents, partners or carers by providing advice, information, resources, education, social inclusion, volunteering opportunities and support to improve well-being and reduce isolation.

Raising awareness of the condition and ensuring that people have a voice

We also aim to raise awareness of the condition, challenge negative stereotypes and highlight the many positive aspects of autism such as fairness, logic and attention to detail.

We support people to ensure that their voices are heard and promote the need for service provision through our work, locally, regionally and nationally. We work to raise awareness of the condition at every level from small organisations, employers, and colleges to local and national Government policy.

The Objects as set out in Assert’s governing document and registered with the Charity Commission are:

  • To promote the relief of autistic people over the age of 16 and their carers resident in Brighton and Hove through the provision of advice, information, resources, education, recreational activities and support with the aim of improving their conditions of life.
  • To advance the education of the public in all matters relating to autism.

Mission Statement of Assert

Assert supports autistic adults in Brighton and Hove to lead full and rewarding lives and to reach their potential by providing diverse, high quality and person-centred support services and seeking to raise awareness of the condition.

The strategic aims of Assert are:

  1. To enable autistic adults to access a range of advocacy, learning and educational support to improve individual’s well-being and independence.
  2. To enable service users to manage their own lives more easily and more effectively, and to pursue their own goals and aspirations.
  3. To enable service users to identify with and support each other and access a range of social activities.
  4. To exert a positive influence on service provision which impacts on the lives of autistic adults.
  5. To reduce isolation and increase confidence and self-esteem.

Summary of Achievements to Date

Since becoming a registered charity in 2003, Assert has:

  • Gone from being run by volunteers to having 8 paid members of staff
  • Developed 2 Life Skills Courses, an online resource toolkit and 3 short courses
  • Become a respected provider of advice and advocacy in the city
  • Developed our in-house Volunteer Training
  • Developed a Mentoring programme and Volunteer Buddy scheme
  • Developed the Exploring Autism Course
  • Built a strong working relationship with the Neurodevelopmental team
  • Developed a weekly Peer Discussion Group
  • Taken part in the development of the National Autism Strategy
  • Established the only Autism Specialist Benefits Advice and Guidance service in the city
  • Facilitated a peer support group for parents, partners and carers
  • Run a monthly social group and monthly activities for service users
  • Provided tailored training to other groups, employers and professionals on ASC
  • Championed Autism rights and represented the community at stakeholder and strategy meetings
  • Been awarded the Argus Charity of the Year 2006
  • Received the Queens Award for Voluntary Service 2010
  • Received Volunteer of the Year Award from the National Autistic Society 2017
  • Received an award from Mindout for contributions to LGBTQ Mental Health 2018
  • Managed the Neurodiversity partnership and worked in partnership with ADHD Aware
Emma and Liam receiving an award for contributions to LBGTQ Mental Health from MindOut In November 2018

Governance of Assert

Assert is managed by a board of trustees, including people with autism.

Assert is a member led organisation; both individuals and organisations can become members of Assert and support the work that we undertake. Members can vote at the Assert AGM.

If you would like to support the work of Assert and become a member, please get in touch for further information.

Registered charity number 1099257

ASSERT are first aid trained by Train Aid.

Train Aid do first aid training for the public and organisations in many areas of the country.

They also provide first aid teaching, assessing, internal quality assurance, and health and safety courses.

Go to www.train-aid.co.uk for more details.

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