Recovery College new term applications are now open

The college prospects is available to download here.

The Recovery College have asked:

Please ensure that you return your forms to us by the above date. We will still except registration after this date, however this may mean not receiving a place on your chosen course or workshop and being placed on a waiting list.

Due to Covid restrictions we are unable to access our post on regularly basis and ask for you to instead return your forms via email at

The college can also be reached on 07458092317 for any further enquires 

When completing your registration form, we would advise, due to class numbers, you provide more than one choice. Some of our more popular courses and workshops can get quickly filled and providing only one option may mean you are placed on a waiting list or narrow down your chances of attending the Recovery College, so we strongly advise you put all 3 options. Please also fill in the form in full in all sections and read the code of conduct. 

Thank you for all your continued support and we look forward to you joining us this term.

The Recovery College Team