Notification of Assert AGM 2021

The Assert AGM will be held on Wednesday 7th July 2021 at Community Base. This will be an in-person event only and so numbers are restricted due to social distancing requirements. Assert members are invited and we will ensure that minutes are available following the meeting. These will be made available on the website.

There will be no speaker, but we hope to host another set of Assert webinars in the autumn. The main topic for the Assert AGM following core business matters will be in relation to a vote in changing our terminology and changing our constitution (legal governing document) with the Charity Commission. A recent survey has had 78 responses to help lead a decision on this change.

We apologise for having to restrict numbers and hope to be able welcome greater numbers in 2022.

If you have any questions or comments you would like to take to trustees prior to the AGM, please email