Assert consultation for all users and supporters

Assert are conducting a consultation to ask your views on whether Assert should update the language we use to describe autism. We know that there will be a range of suggestions and preferences and we want to listen to them all.
We understand that this can be a really personal topic and many people can have strong views for the language used to describe autism. That is why at Assert we think it is really important to use language that is up to date and language that our users identify with. 

When Assert was founded in 2003, the terms ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’ and ‘High Functioning Autism’ were the more widely accepted terms at the time and these are used throughout our official legal documentation, like in our constitution. However, since then a lot has changed and new terms to describe Autism are now much more popular, both within the Autistic community and within a professional context.

We are running this consultation to ask you to tell us what you think and what you would like. To take part, please complete our short survey by midnight on the June 8th. The first part of the survey asks whether we should change the language or keep it the same? The second part asks what the new language we should change it to?

The survey link is here

After the survey has closed we will gather the results and look to see if there is any term that is decisively more popular among Assert users. We are eventually looking to change the language in the Assert constitution which could hopefully be voted on at the next AGM on the 7th July.

We will keep you updated regarding the progress of this consultation through the newsletter and by email, so please watch this space!

Any questions regarding this survey, please contact and Anya or Sarah will get back to you. 

Best Wishes,
Anya Ustaszewski (Chair of Assert) and Sarah