Vouchers to help if you are in financial hardship- deadline extended until Monday 1st March

ASSERT have been awarded funded via BHCC to support our clients who are in financial hardship and are struggling to buy essential items. This includes: 

· Food (1) 

· Winter Clothes (2) 

· Household items (such as bedding, essential cooking items, essential toiletries such as soap and sanitary products) (3) 

· Gas/ water/ electric or other essential services (4) 

This funding is very limited and we want to make sure we are supporting those people in greatest need. Please only apply for support if you are genuinely struggling to support yourself/ and your family. If we get more demand than we have funding for, we will have to prioritise and some applications may not be successful. 

We will be buying a number of £50 vouchers from a pre-defined range of shops. To apply to receive support, we will need some basic information from you. Please be assured that the information provided will remain confidential with Assert staff and we want to encourage everyone that needs help- to request it. 

The deadline to receive applications is Monday 1st March. If there are still some vouchers available after the first round of applications, we will reopen the application process for people to request additional support. We may be able to provide more than one voucher per household, but this will completely depend on the demand for support.

To apply please complete the form and return to the member of staff you most often work with or to Sarah Archer at sarah@assertbh.org.uk