Remote support continues

As remote support and social distancing continues, we wanted to check in with everyone. We miss seeing you in person but want you to know that Assert are still here for you. 

This way of working is going to be the new normal for longer than we had originally hoped. We obviously don’t know any time frames of when we will be able to return to being office based and meeting with you in person and finally to having groups again.

With this in mind we wanted to reach out to everyone again and ask if there is anything else we can be doing to support people. We want to encourage people to try and engage in the remote support on offer, as this way of working continues longer term. 

But we also want to know what else could we be doing and what could we improve on. What remote support would you like? What could we be doing differently? Please emails Sarah with any ideas/ thoughts/ suggestions. 

Assert are still here to remotely support you in any way we can

Take care

The Assert Team