Jenna’s Wellbeing Club- pack 2

ASSERT Monday Mindfulness  Assert will be providing a set of 4 weekly online meditation and welling sessions. These sessions are to start on Monday 6th and run on every Monday in April. The sessions will begin at 6:30pm and be 45-minute long.  There will be more information to follow.  

Cat’s Activity Even though we can’t go on our planned tour of the Booth Museum Cat thought many of you would like to join her on a virtual tour of The London Transport Museum and the National Railway Museum in York. Here are the links to the London Transport Museum and the National Railway Museum in York. Have a look around and let Cat know what kind of interesting objects you find, and what stories you read. I know Cat would be interested to know what you thought of the tours and exhibitions and is interested to hear about you experiences and discoveries. Please let her know if you would like to talk the things you saw, and she could potentially set up an online group chat on  

 Active Club I will be sending out a different exercise video eah week that we can do at home. I thought it would be nice if those of us who can, try to do it at the same time on a Friday afternoon at 3pm. Or whenever you can fit it into your week! This way, although well be doing it separately we can feel as though we are still doing it together! This week video is another NHS recommend video – this time it is Aerobics for Beginners. If you have any questions, please email  

Autism Awareness Week  Next week is Autism Awareness Week. Although many events around the country will now be unable to take place, Assert will be launching our new Assert Film to celebrate Autism Awareness Week. Watch out on our website on Thursday 2nd April.  

Exercise The gov has now limited the time we can leave the house for to just one type of exercise per day. I am sorry for the misinformation on Tuesday – I had finished the Pack on the Monday before the changes were declared that evening. It can sometimes feel difficult to keep up with the frequent changes.   Couch to 5k – app The Couch to 5k is an exercise regime designed by the NHS to support and encourage you to start running. I started this in November and have found that I can now run for longer than I have ever ran before in my life! I haven’t been very consistent with the plan over the winter but have really been trying to get out and run every-other day in the past week and hope to continue it. If you have ever wanted to start running, using this plan as your daily exercise would really improve your fitness and it is great for getting some headspace while being outside for 30 minutes!  Freedom Leisure  Freedom Leisure are offering access to up to 16 weeks of free home exercise & workouts on an easy to navigate app. Choose from bodyweight exercises & cardio programs all designed to keep you active. These workouts can be done at home with no equipment.  To get this content you need to: Register at Download the mywellness App and sign in with registered details   Brighton Natural Health Centre BNHC are now offering a range of online classes in Pilates, yoga, meditation/mindfulness. These classes are ‘pay as you can’ – so you can choose to either pay £3. £6 or £9. The classes will be taught via Zoom which a video streaming software (I have an instruction document that may be of use if you find this difficult)  Down Dog Down Dog believe that stressful times like these are precisely when people need wellness practices the most, and we are committed to doing our part to help out. So that anyone who wants to practice at home can do so, they are making all of their apps – Down Dog, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout completely free until May 1st.  

Creative There are many new creative media platforms arising over the past few weeks – and I am sure more are to come! Below are a few that I have heard of this week that aim to encourage us all to embrace our creative abilities.   Covid Art Club  One of Assert’s member told me that they are doing this challenge with a group of their friends…    Creative Quarantine  Creative Quarantine is a daily email of creative activities and adventures for people young and old to do in their own home. Led by a group of artists and creatives who’ve been sent home because of the coronavirus, like most of the country, we want to test what’s possible, have fun and connect with people across the world. So whilst we’re all inside our homes, let’s be as creative as possible!  

Culture  Museum tours  The Guardian published an article of the Top 10 Best Virtual Museum Tours. If Cat’s activity is of interest to you (see the Assert section above) then you could continue to tour around some of the best museums in the world.  

Google Art & Culture With Google Arts & Culture you can visit top exhibits, zoom in on artworks in mind-blowing detail and browse thousands of stories, photos, videos and manuscripts. Be your own curator by finding your favourites, creating your own collections and sharing them with friends. Travel anywhere with tours of iconic sites, famous buildings and natural wonders, on your screen or in VR. Learn something new every day. 
Google Arts & Culture has collaborated with over 1,200 museums, galleries and institutions in 70 countries to make their exhibits available for everyone online.  

Reading  You can now download 300,000 books for free from the New York Public Library.  

Mood Support  Anna Mathur  Anna Mathur is a Psychotherapist who has been writing about Corona virus anxiety.  She has written about some wellbeing tips in her blog including ideas around; grounding yourself, finding a health routine and limiting your exposure to the news.  

Games One of Assert’s members showed me this website during one of our Support Sessions and I asked it I could share it with you all!,ARYC,14RHTP,187W1,1 

If you also know of any games sites or have any tips or ideas for people to entertain themselves for the coming weeks – please let know and I will add your recommendations to the next pack!