Please support the work of Assert. Help to maintain our services and ensure that we can continue to provide support to people in the future

Please consider donating to Assert. Assert urgently need donations from individuals to help to ensure that we can continue to offer our range of services. A very limited amount of our income comes from individuals and we need to encourage people to support us to ensure that Assert is able to maintain its services in the future.

There are many ways that you can donate to Assert. One off donations (either using one of the various online options that we have or by cheque)

You can also become an Assert Champion (our monthly giving scheme). Becoming an Assert Champion is a great way to support Assert as we get regular monthly income. You can become an Assert champion for just £3 per month. More information about how to donate and support Assert can be found on the donate tab of our website.

Liam and Julia with our Assert Champion pens and key-rings!

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