Assert’s new fortnightly Thursday activity group

We have some exciting news that will increase the number and range of activities that are on offer each month. Assert have been in discussions with Impetus, who manage Aspire, for many months about Assert taking on the Aspire project. This has now happened and Assert are now managing what was the Aspire project. We are really excited to have 2 new members of staff joining the Assert team, Nicola Jones and David Workman. They will  both be working on Thursdays on the new project.

If you would like anymore information on the new project and activities please contact either myself or Nicola or David on the following emails:

About the activities

Once a fortnight there will be an activity, decided on by participants of the group (these are planned in 6 month blocks and are decided on until June 2019). Activities rotate between being ‘in house’ (either at the Aspire offices until the beginning of May or in the conference room at Community Base from the end of May onwards) and being out at different locations in town. 

We are currently seeking ideas for a new name for this project and people already registered with the old service will soon have the opportunity to vote on for the new name.