Welcome to Cat, our new Volunteer and Activities Coordinator

I’ve been with Assert for just over a month now and have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few members at the last 2 drop-ins and am looking forward to the theatre trip next week and the walk this Saturday (this can be changed as to when it gets published!) Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming – members and staff included so thank you for making my first month so enjoyable.


I am originally from South London and have been living in Brighton for the last 6 years. I have a son who is nearly 18 months old and the last year has been spent looking after him full time. Before that I spent 4 years running a day centre for autistic adults just outside Haywards Heath. It was a lovely setting, very green and we had lots of outside space but it was very difficult to get to, especially in the snow! I’m really enjoying working back in the centre of Brighton and being able to walk to work!


When I’m not at work I like walking, do a lot of singing and love baking. I am always interested if you have any ideas for activities and trips so please feel free to email me or come and chat to me at drop-in.


I will be continuing the work that Kat started on the mentoring program so if you are interested in having a mentor please let me know.


I look forward to meeting many more of you over the coming months at activities and drop-ins.