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Any updates about the re-opening of our waitlist will be published on this website. We regret that we cannot respond to individual queries about this.~ , Service update
"To truly understand someone on the Autistic spectrum, I would ask you first to walk in our shoes, just for a moment, and try to understand us. I want you to know that it is not easy, to be ‘different’ in a world that values conformity, the grey zone between black and white."~ L.W., Lifeskills Service Experiences

Service update

The waiting list for registration with Assert is currently closed. Due to staff shortages and the demands on all our services, we have taken the difficult decision close our waiting list until further notice. If you are already on the list, your name will remain on it, and you will be contacted once an appointment is available. If you require signposting to other services in the meantime, please contact us. For more information on current service delivery click the link below.

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Assert supports autistic adults in Brighton and Hove

What is Autism?

Autism is a lifelong condition that affects how a person makes sense of the world, processes information and relates to and communicates with others.

It is a hidden condition which means that you can’t tell if someone is autistic from their outward appearance. Autistic people often have above average intelligence and the condition is known as a ‘spectrum condition’ as it affects people in different ways and to varying degrees.

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What we do

Assert supports autisic adults and their parents, partners or carers by providing advice, information, resources, education, social inclusion, volunteering opportunities and support to improve well-being and reduce isolation. We also seek to raise awareness of the condition, including the many positive aspects.

Assert is a member-led organisation; both individuals and organisations can become members of Assert and support the work that we undertake.

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What we don’t do

We only accept self-referrals. Contact us to be added to our waiting list. You will be contacted in due course to be invited for a registration meeting with our Autism Support Advisor.

We are not a mental health service and do not provide therapy. In such circumstances, we encourage people to speak with their GP to access other services (e.g. Brighton & Hove Wellbeing Service, social prescribers, Assessment & Treatment Services).

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